Baking with alternative flours

Why not bake bread with flours other than wheat flour?

From nutty sweet spelt flour to dark rye flour that’s full of flavour, there are many alternative flours with which to bake bread.

You could even try baking a loaf with gluten free flours.

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Rye bread

Rye flour creates a dense loaf packed with flavour.

The resulting bread, popular across Scandinavia and Germany, is a perfect choice for an open lunchtime sandwich.

Create your own 100% rye bread with this simple recipe.

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Honey oat loaf

Did you know you could add oats to your loaf? In fact, the oils in oats result in a delicious creamy crumb, or middle, of the bread.

Plus the loaf makes wonderful toast.

Bake your own bread using oats and wheat using this recipe.

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Fruit and nut spelt loaf

Spelt is an ancient grain similar to wheat.

Pair the nutty flavour of spelt with sweet dried apricots and toasted walnuts in this hearty loaf that’s full of flavour.

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Three-seed rye and wheat loaf

Want to try baking bread with rye flour but not sure you’ll like the dense texture of rye bread?

Try this loaf instead, made with both rye and wheat flours for a lighter loaf.

Adding in seeds not only gives texture but also great flavour in your loaf.

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Baking bread with gluten-free flours

Baking a loaf with gluten-free flours requires very different techniques.

In this class, Alexandra Vaughn introduces a range of gluten-free flours. Plus, she demonstrates how to create a dough and bake a loaf using these flours.

Please note that any loaf baked in an environment using gluten, and with equipment regularly used with gluten, will not be entirely gluten-free.

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