Breads from around the world

Take a tour of the world without ever having to leave your kitchen.

Bake breads from around the world with these delicious recipes.

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The classic chewy bread with the hole in the middle.

Bake a batch of bagels and discover the secret to getting that glossy crust.

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Flatbreads made with just flour and water, then baked on a hot plate, are the very beginnings of bread making. Variations are found around the world and can be quick and simple to bake.

Follow this class and learn to bake delicious flatbreads made both with and without yeast.

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Japanese breads

Watch as Utako Tanner from Petit Bonheurs microbakery introduces Japanese bread baking.

Learn to bake a sweet melon pan that, despite its name, contains no melon.

You can also bake curry doughnuts – you’ll have to try them to find out how delicious they are.

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Tangzhong milk loaf

Create a light, fluffy brioche-like bread without the need to add lots of butter to your dough.

Discover how with the Tangzhong method of bread making in this class.

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Soft pretzels

Bake these soft, uniquely-shaped breads that are full of flavour.

Plus discover the simple steps to getting that soft, chewy golden-brown crust.

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