Classic Breads

You’ll want to bake these breads time and time again.

Bake a wholemeal loaf that’s perfect for breakfast toast or lunchtime sandwiches.

Create a light, airy focaccia with fresh toppings as the centrepiece of a weekend lunch.

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The best wholemeal loaf

Bake a perfect wholemeal loaf.

No more loaves that turn out like bricks.

Instead use this method to bake a light, airy loaf.

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Wholemeal loaf online baking class loaf sliced
The Epsom Bakehouse The Bakehouse club online bread making class Slice of tomato and basil focaccia

Focaccia and fougasse

Two breads made for sharing at the dinner table.

Create a focaccia with your favourite toppings – sliced vegetables, herbs, oils, spices and more.

Bake a crunchy fougasse to tear and share around the table.

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