Festive Breads

Make these showstopper breads the centrepiece of your celebration event.

Bake the festive stollen, studded with fruit and nut.

Plait a tsoureki loaf for a special Easter meal.

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A soft dough enriched with butter and eggs and lightly spiced with mahleb.

Plaited and shaped, then topped with a red-stained egg.

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A plaited tsoureki loaf with red boiled egg.
Panettone in their paper moulds.


This sweet, light bread is bursting with dried fruit, nuts, candied peel and citrus flavours.

Eaten in Italy especially at Christmas, panettone is now a global favourite.

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St Lucia Day saffron buns

These buns, known as Lussekatter, are eaten on 13 December to celebrate St Lucia Day across Scandinavia.

Bake these to enjoy with a cup of coffee on a winter’s morning.

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Easter tea ring bread

Thought to be Scandinavian in origin, tea rings don’t actually contain any tea.

Instead, this is a slightly sweet, enriched bread made to be enjoyed with a cup of tea. 

This version has an Easter twist – based around the flavours of the simnel cake.

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Get into the festive spirit with this traditional Norwegian bread.

Enriched with eggs and butter and studded through with jewel-like candied peel and dried fruits.

This bread is sure to brighten up a winter’s day.

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