The Bakehouse Club

Welcome! As a member of The Bakehouse club, you have access to a wealth of step-by-step recordings of previous monthly classes. All recordings, as well as the accompanying recipes, are available here to watch at a time to suit you.

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Try your hand at the best wholemeal loaf. Travel the world in your own kitchen baking Japanese melon pan or soft, chewy bagels. Bake focaccia, grissini or crumpets to share with friends. Have a go baking your first loaf using gluten-free flours. Celebrate with a festive stollen, tsoureki or saffron scroll buns.

These are just some of the breads you can bake as a member of The Bakehouse club. Scroll down to browse through each section and begin your next bake today.

Classic breads

Here you’ll find breads that you’ll want to bake time and again.

Breads such as a wholemeal loaf perfect for everything from breakfast toast to lunchtime sandwiches.

Or perhaps a light, airy focaccia loaded with your favourite toppings, handy for a summer’s picnic.

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Wholemeal loaf online baking class loaf sliced
Chelsea Buns

Sweet breads

Want to bake a treat for teatime? Explore baking breads made that bit sweeter in this section.

Enjoy soft, fluffy Chelsea Buns packed with spiced dried fruit. Or slice into a swirled chocolate babka loaf with its rich and decadent filling.

Get ready to bake doughs enriched with eggs, butter, sugar and more.

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Festive breads

Create these showstopper breads to be the centre of your celebrations.

Bake a festive panettone, studded with fruit and nut and full of flavour.

Plait a tsoureki loaf for a special Easter meal.

Use the simple step-by-step guidance in this section’s recipes to get baking bread that will wow your family and friends.

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A plaited tsoureki loaf with red boiled egg.

Baking with alternative flours

Interested in baking breads that don’t just use wheat flour?

Try baking a dark rye bread full of flavour.

Perhaps you’d like to try mixing oats, or spelt flour, into your loaf for soft and delicate loaves that make wonderful toast.

Or you could have a go at baking a loaf with gluten-free flours.

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Breads to share

Whatever the occasion, bake something to share next time you get together with family and friends.

Enjoy tea time classics such as crumpets or teacakes.

Bring crisp, crunchy grissini for a dinner with friends.

Bake soft sweet burger buns for your next barbeque party.

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Breads from around the world

Travel the world from your own home kitchen.

Try baking Japanese melon pan or curried doughnuts.

Discover the secret to getting a golden brown chewy crust on your freshly-baked bagels.

Make quick and simple flatbreads that are full of flavour.

Click the link below to get started on these and more Breads from Around the World recipes. 

Sourdough breads

Learn to bake crusty sourdough loaves at home without it taking up lots of your time.

Wow family and friends with freshly baked bread made with the simplest ingredients and packed with flavour.

Make your own starter using the step-by-step guide. Then bake a crusty white sourdough bread, honey and rosemary bread and more using the starter.

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Sourdough loaf sliced.