The Epsom Bakehouse Bread Baking 101 crusty white loaf

Have you always wanted to bake delicious fresh bread at home?

To get that ‘wow’ moment as you take your first homemade loaf from the oven?

Well good news!

Bread Baking 101 will teach you step-by-step my simple, reliable bread making methods so that you can bake great bread at home.

Follow my proven methods in your own time at home.

What you’ll learn:

  • The key simple ingredients and equipment you need to start baking bread at home
  • Bake your first bread within 30 minutes using my versatile soda bread recipe
  • How to mix and knead a dough containing yeast and the simple test to check it’s kneaded enough
  • The best place to rise your dough and how long to leave it
  • How to shape a loaf, rolls and a flatbread from the same dough
  • Getting the best bake on your breads

What’s included in Bread Baking 101:

  • Nine step-by-step video modules through which you can learn to bake great bread at home
  • Printable recipes for you to download and use at home
  • Handy checklists of the ingredients and equipment you’ll need (don’t worry, it’s not much)
  • A set of course notes to accompany the videos

Beginners very welcome – you don’t need any previous breadmaking experience to join Bread Baking 101.

Start baking great bread – complete the form below and click ‘Buy Now’ (payment taken on the next page).